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Jinhua Beian Material Technology Co., Ltd

Address:No.99 Ganxi Road, Industrial Park, Jinhua,Zhejiang,China
Tel/ Fax: 86 579-82278008
Mobile: 86 13645796380
E-mail: sales@beiankj.com
Website: www.iujiureship8.com

About us
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Jinhua Behan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. to promote health, environmental carbon life as a new element of our company's business philosophy. I was founded in 2015, located in Zhejiang
Jinhua City, is a professional plastic household goods and household items environmental PLA company. 2015 start manufacturing of environmentally friendly PLA injection products, relying on a professional mold
Our development capabilities currently has six categories PLA products, more than 200 PLA special mold development experience, the company has been implementing the "quality products + services company may
Sustainable development "business philosophy, and many foreign groups, enterprises have established good cooperative relations.


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